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The Platform has 10 full courses and is being constantly updated and expanded. Each course has about 15 lessons. You can check three sample lessons in the first course titled “0. Sample Units”.
Each course is built around a topic and each lesson in the course expands on that topic.
Every course starts with a story that fascinates readers, then we offer explanations which introduce the English language along with American and British culture.



Each lesson has a story or explanation, audio materials, exercises and grammar sections. The exercises are effective and enjoyable. They improve all the four skills and are based on polyglot principles of language learning. The exercises and the grammar sections correspond to the B1 and B2 levels.
Each lesson contains materials for about 2 hours so the entire platform is enough for 250 hours of studying, whether self-study or classroom work.



All exercises are interactive. The platform works perfectly well on smartphones and tablets as well.
As a teacher, you can grade essays and assignments but students can also turn to us with their questions.
Most exercises are automatically corrected and scored by the platform, which means you save valuable time.

Sample Material

You can access the following in the demo version:

  • 3 full sample lessons in the course titled “0. Sample Lessons”
  • The list of all courses and lessons

List of all courses

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